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Saturday, May 14th, 2005
9:30 pm
i fucking love you.
Wednesday, May 4th, 2005
10:51 pm
what the fuck is with me?? im beign a fuckign selfish bastard and i fucking hate it. i should be fuckign happy for her right now and all i can do is fucking be a lil bitch. FUCK. i cant help it tho.

im guessing this is wat it really feels like toknow your heart is broken. wen your in love with some1 and they dont care one bit...or it seems that way even after you do something little for them and they either dont understand or dont fucking care. either way it sucks. i want you to get the fuck out of my head and my heart before i go fucking insane. i kinda wish that i never caught sight of your beautiful green eyes in the hallway at school. so fucking ugh indescribable. here i go. im gunna breakdown now. youve heard it all, ive said it all, well most.

maybe she doesnt care becuz i write everything in my fucking livejournal and not straight to her face, but would that really change anything?? most likely not, it wouldnt change the way she felt about me. hmm. am i not trying hard enough? am i trying at all?

ive pictured and dreamt so many things that could be us, but it just isnt becuz im not special enough for you. whats he got that i dont have? i meani kno i can be a little immature, selfish, and be self centered sometimes but i mean fuck, what do i hvea to do to get you back?

i need to stop bitching about you and get over you. ughi want to get over you but wat if you decide to come back to me and im over you, wat the fuck will happen then, itshappened to me toooo many times and its a horrible feeling.

id give you all of me. all. everything.

im scared. confused. broken.

"the best part about believe, is the lie"


Current Mood: stressed
Sunday, March 13th, 2005
4:23 am
krissi this thing needs a make over!!! you kno you wanna fix itup cuz ur awesme like that. hehe. cmon. i <3 you. oh and jus in case you were wondering its the same password as last one you kno jus so you kno ;).

Current Mood: disappointed
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